Thursday, July 24, 2008

Internet Radio, the '60s: The Boss is Back

Radio Bop 60s - The Boss Is Back!: "Radio Bop 60s celebrates the great music of the most important decade of the modern musical era...the decade that gave us the Beatles, the Beach Boys, Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones...we're talking (of course) the SIXTIES!

Radio Bop 60s also pays homage to the great Rock ‘n Roll radio stations of the particular, Boss Radio 93/KHJ Los Angeles when it launched in 1965 and moved up to #1 in 'Boss Angeles' in a matter of weeks."

You can listen at the link. Hat tip to Mike McGruff.

Or, if you want some '50s mixed in with the '60s, click here. Some great stuff.


Todd Mason said...

Another Radio Alert: Public Radio International's WHOLE LOTTA SHAKIN' has picked up a Peabody, and thus is getting more broadcast clearance than it did, as in's a radio doc series about the folks who got their start at Sun Records, and you can hear at least one installment here:

Bill Crider said...

Thanks, Todd. Excellent.