Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The 30 Dumbest People in Hollywood

A notable list. Why? Paris Hilton isn't on it!

Hat tip to Mike McGruff.


Randy Johnson said...

I expect Paris is disappointed. If she'd made the list that would mean she's being taken seriously as "in Hollywood".

Brent McKee said...

Thing is that for most of these people there is no actual explanation as to why they are being defined as "dumb." Why is Brad Garret "dumb?" Why is Alec Baldwin?

Fred Blosser said...

More like lacking in self-control, good judgment, or awareness of public opinion than "dumb." I suspect that many of us would have the same problems after being surrounded for years by flunkeys, lackeys, hangers-on, and other enablers.

Anonymous said...

Come on, no way Denise "Nuclear Physicist" Richards is only #29!

I demand a recount.