Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dead Heat -- Dick Francis and Felix Francis

This book marks the first time Dick Francis has shared author credit on one of his novels, though it's widely known that both his wife and son aided in his research on earlier books.

I've been reading Francis's novels for 40 years or so now, and I don't think I've missed a one. I've also never failed to enjoy one, this latest is no exception. Max Moreton is a chef, but he's like all the other Francis heroes: competent, smart, brave, and in plenty of danger. When food poisoning afflicts many of the diners at a catered party Moreton gets the blame, but he knows he's not at fault. He starts looking into things, and soon he's got all kinds of trouble. And, of course, like all Francis heroes, he suffers plenty of physical hardship before arriving at all the answers.

Francis's straighforward style still reads as easily as ever, his characters are just as engaging, and the story moves along as fast as one of the horses that Francis used to ride. I recommend this one.


Paul Bishop said...

Like you, I enjoyed this one as much as any previous Francis novel. Michael Joseph (the English pblisher) obviously wants to get back to a Francis a year schedule with Silks due out in August.

Unknown said...

Great news. I'm already looking forward to it.