Monday, May 12, 2008

The Mystery of the Alvin Stradivarius

I live in the 1600 block of Hill Street, and I pass this restaurant nearly every day. It's a tiny place, and if you're wondering what a Straivarius was doing there (or in Alvin, Texas, for that matter), so am I.

The Facts: "ALVIN — Police are investigating the burglary of a Mexican food restaurant during which a $25,000 Stradivarius violin was taken from its case.

Someone broke out the bottom window pane of the front door to enter the restaurant in the 700 block of Hill Street early Sunday, Alvin police reports state. Blue tape was placed over the window before it was broken, the reports state.

An employee came in that morning to find the window broken and later discovered the 1733 Stradivarius violin missing, Alvin Police Sgt. Jaime Crabtree said.

“It was in some kind of case in the restaurant,” he said."


Doc Quatermass said...

"Upon further investigation it was found that it wasn't an Antonius Straivarius but a lesser known Texas Tony Joe Bob Straivarius violin."

Cap'n Bob said...

I hope the Van Gogh at the 7-11 is safe.

Unknown said...

Yeah, but I worry about the Goya at Taco Bell.