Sunday, February 10, 2008

You Want Your MTV?

Here's a link to three hours of MTV from 1983, back when they had music videos. You also get all the cool commercials. The first video on the clip features Night Ranger. Remember them?

Hat tip to the Mike McGruff blog.


Graham Powell said...

Remember them? I LOVED Night Ranger! I saw them in 1986 with Cheap Trick as the opening act, and it was one of the best concert's I've ever seen.

Bill Peschel said...

Thanks for sparking that earwig of a song that I hadn't heard in 30 years (well, maybe 15, since soft(headed) rock stations still play it).

norby said...

Ah, Night Ranger. I bought one of their concert t-shirts at a Camelot music store when I was in junior high. Because of course my parents would never allow me to actually go to a concert. I wore that shirt until it almost disintegrated.

I still have the cassette tapes. I'm not sure why, but I have them.

I also have the song Night Ranger zipping through my head now.

TM said...

Nope, thanks. Saw all the good videos elsewhere, didn't care for the VJs, and MTV didn't really justify its existence till it began running DARIA.

Benjie said...

Ah, the hair of the '80s. And of course the music that corrupted my entire generation.