Saturday, February 16, 2008

Will the Persecution Never End?

PARIS HILTON - HILTON'S HOTTIE MOVIE VOTED WORST EVER: "Socialite PARIS HILTON's new film THE HOTTIE AND THE NOTTIE has been named the worst movie ever. Users of the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) have voted the 2008 comedy - in which the 26-year-old plays a stunner with a not-so-attractive best friend - the worst of all time, giving it on average a score of 1.2 on a scale of 1-10."


jjs said...

This "judgement" is without a doubt the most horrific outrage ever purportrated in the history of the universe. the Internet Movie Database rivals stalin in its crimes. You calling Miss Hilton's continuing trials by her lessers "persecution" was appropriate so far, but now things have gone far past persecution and her detractors are experimenting in torture, slander, voodoo, felonies, and i am tempted to say blasphemy. I may be wrong in this last bit, but I AM tempted. As I have said before I will be giving a full and complete review of this movie of hers exclusively for this site. Probably the only site in existence that would actually care to see a review of The Hottie and the Nottie with anything favorable in it. And I do proclaim that all favorable aspects of this fine feature film will be elucidated and expositoried. And all bad aspects will be dessicated and suppositoried. I do not anticipate any bad aspects. Except perhaps those that may occur when the grand and lovely Miss Hilton is not present on-screen. This crime against all of humanity will be righted, I assure you. Just as soon as I see the thing. Which may not be easy: I think it is now showing only in Peru.

Bill Crider said...

They got culture in Peru.