Saturday, February 16, 2008

Who'd Have Thought?

That there would be a William M. Gaines biopic. Certainly not me, at least not back when I was a kid reading EC comics and Mad.

John Landis Is Ready to Direct Ghoulishly Yours, William M. Gaines - "John Landis has just signed on to direct Ghoulishly Yours, William M. Gaines, a film about the life of the publisher of EC Comics and Mad magazine. According to Variety, Landis will develop the biopic with the film's screenwriter Joel Eisenberg.

Ghoulishly Yours, William M. Gaines centers on an anti-establishment group of artists and writers, led by a reluctant Gaines and partner Al Feldstein, as they produce their comic books. Gaines became a First Amendment figurehead due to his unapologetic testimony before a Senate subcommittee investigating juvenile delinquency."

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jjs said...

Mad Comics was the baseball steroids of the time. In 50 years the American Public has persisted in its desire to elect to office grown men who pretend to be horrified by things that do not concern them. Compulsory education trains us early that we are children under government protection and that we must take no independent action, expecially if we like it. We should not read comics that are espedcially entertaining and we should not watch baseball that is especially exciting. there wasn't a bureaucrat alive that didn't pretend to be violently outraged by the grand and new entertainment and comedy densly compacted into every ten cent issue of Mad. Mad comics is what upset them. Not Communism. communism only upset one Senator. Mad comics upset them all.