Friday, February 08, 2008

These are the People Who Keep Our Country Safe

U.S. military loses records for bin Laden's driver - Yahoo! News: "GANTANAMO BAY U.S. NAVAL BASE, Cuba (Reuters) - The U.S. military has lost a year's worth of records describing the Guantanamo confinement of Osama bin Laden's driver, a prosecutor said at the Yemeni captive's war court hearing on Thursday.

Lawyers for the driver, Salim Ahmed Hamdan, asked for the records to support their argument that prolonged isolation and harassment at the Guantanamo prison have mentally impaired him and could affect his ability to aid in his defense against war crimes charges.

'All known records have been produced with the exception of the 2002 Gitmo records,' one of the prosecutors, Navy Lt. Cmdr. Timothy Stone, told the court. 'They can't find it.'"

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Cap'n Bob said...

I can believe it. The goddam Army misplaced my records for months, delaying my discharge and causing me no end of trouble.