Thursday, January 31, 2008

Couldn't they Arrest the Baggage Handlers?

For dwarf tossing?

Thanks to Steve Stilwell for the link.

Dwarves zipped in suitcases steal from Swedes - Telegraph: "Criminal gangs are using dwarves in a ruse to steal from the luggage holds of long-distance coaches, by hiding them inside suitcases, according to police.

The bizarre crime is on the rise in Sweden and officers say thieves have got away with thousands of pounds in cash, jewellery and other valuables in recent months.

Gangs are said to sneak the dwarves into the luggage hold, hidden inside baggage.

Then, once the journey has begun, the stowaways are free to rifle through the bags of other passengers without fear of being apprehended."


Anonymous said...

i aint buyin' this.

Anonymous said...

Stilwell has too much time on his hands. Wait a minute, that's me.


Cap'n Bob said...

Sounds like petty theft. Swede out 'o line. Little Caesar strikes again. Do they hide them in tote bags?