Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Script Doctor

Dr. Mark R. Brinker not ready to quit his day job | - Houston Chronicle: "Houston doctor Mark R. Brinker has scored his first Hollywood credit: as a co-screenwriter of Untraceable, the moody cyber-thriller starring Diane Lane that opened last week. Better still, he and writing partner Robert Fyvolent have already signed for their next project: They're adapting Fatal Frame, a popular video game, into a horror flick for DreamWorks Pictures.

But that doesn't mean Brinker is ready to quit his day job.

Based in Houston since 1993, the 47-year-old Brinker is a top-notch orthopedic surgeon, specializing in trauma, acute injury and reconstructive repair. He holds active staff appointments at Texas Orthopedic Hospital and Hermann Hospital."

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Cap'n Bob said...

Script doctors are rare, medical doctors are a dime a dozen. Glad to see he's serving mankind in an important capacity