Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bond. James Bond.

James Bond: the spy who changed me - Telegraph: "The films are flawed, the books somewhat crude, so why, in his creator's centenary year, are we still in love with James Bond? The writer Anthony Horowitz, whose Rider novels were inspired by 007, says he's a Byronic hero of our time - with a touch of Harry Potter."


Randy Johnson said...

In my case, I discovered the novels as puberty was setting in. Bond was everything a young boy wanted to be when he grew up. The Connery films only reinforced that notion(he'll always be the quintessential Bond), but I admit a fondness for the Timothy Daltons that most people don't. Maybe it was because they followed the abysmally bad Moore movies. And Brosnan was just too wimpy for my tastes. Daniel Craig started off promisingly. We'll reserve judgement on him.

Unknown said...

I liked Dalton, too.

Anonymous said...
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