Friday, December 14, 2007

Top Ten Bigfoot Stories of 2007 � Top Ten Bigfoot Stories of 2007: "During 2007, the worldwide interest in unknown hairy human-like creatures moved from a focus in Malaysia in 2005-2006, to more interest again in North American events."


Cap'n Bob Napier said...

I can't believe people are still citing the Patterson-Gimlin film. The guys who made it confessed that it's a hoax years ago.

BTW, Bill, that's an obvious and cheap attempt to promote your fine book. I'd never stoop to that level.


Robert S. Napier, author
Five Star Press

Bill Crider said...

Me, obvious? Never.

Benjie said...

Obvious self-promotion or not, I didn't see Mammoth Murder on the list of top ten stories about Bigfoot.

Benjamin Potter, author
Two for Christmas
Loom & Wheel Press

(It ain't too late to get the paperback in time for the holiday)

Bill Crider said...

It was probably on last year's list.