Saturday, December 15, 2007

Paris Hilton Is a Medical Miracle

Thanks to Cap'n Bob Napier for news of this important scientific breakthrough.

Paris Hilton Is A Painkiller | Dlisted: "Scientists have found that Paris Hilton causes male mice to calm down from stress and pain. A cardboard cutout of the skank heiress is being used on lab mice to see if being around humans has any effect on them. They found that when the cutout is around male mice stop licking their wound from a painful injection. The cutout has no effect on the female mice."


Anonymous said...

A "skank" is a physically repulsive woman.I think what was meant waas "wondrous goddess."

Unknown said...

Some people have no respect for medical miracles.

Anonymous said...

Jesus has clearly come back. This is so like Him: fun, full of surprises, and making things better for everyone. And He has come back as a woman to sort of balance the scales. This now explains the inexplicable abuse that is heaped upon this smiling, loving, caring, eager-to-please woman: she is the Messiah returned, and come back to a world still filled with hatred and contempt. But this time Jesus will not be so long suffering. This time his wrath will be unleashed. Paris Hilton will lift and seperate the wheat from the chaff. I pity the fool who calls her skank and tramp and trollop and slut. Their suffering will be swift but intense. They, not Paris, will scream out in pain, "That's hot! And not in the good way!" And then there will be a really great party at an upscale club for everyone else.