Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Time's Top Tens

Time Magazine has all its Top Ten lists on-line. I've looked only at the movie lists by the Richards (I refuse to use nicknames), Corliss and Schickel. I like both lists because while I've seen hardly any of the movies on either one, Black Book makes one list and Beowulf makes the other. Whenever a list includes a movie I liked, I figure that list is legit.


Brent McKee said...

I looked at the two TV lists (obviously) and it was a stark contrast. Of the 10 best returning series, four were on broadcast networks and all were scripted drama or comedy series. Of the 10 best new shows, three were on broadcast networks (PBS counts as a broadcast network for this), one was a reality show (CBS' Kid Nation), one was documentary (PBS' latest Ken Burns series The War) and only one was a dramedy (ABC's Pushing Daisies). Conspiracy theorists would say this give credence to the idea that the networks want the current WGA strike in order to void a bad season of TV. I'm not one of those theorists though - I think they just want to gut the Union.

Todd Mason said...

Any season on broadcast which can boast of such new series as JOURNEYMAN and LIFE (I was unimpressed by the LIFE pilot, but it steadily improved) need not hang its head at all...PUSHING DAISIES isn't quite as good, even if pleasantly baroque (and rather hard to take in large doses). CHUCK is also a fine new series. I've been missing REAPER, so can't say if those who suggest it's falling apart after a good start are correct. Haven't seen enough of the other possibly good new broadcast series (such as SAMANTHA WHO? or BACK TO YOU) to say much about them, except that WIRED SCIENCE is a solid addition to PBS's lineup. On cable, I look forward to the second season of BURN NOTICE, and while it's no ONCE AND AGAIN, the web series soon to be on NBC QUARTERLIFE isn't too shabby.

Yeah, it's more that the studios, to the extent they can be distinguished from the networks (the next suite of offices over), want to keep all the money for themselves.