Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Life as a Reader (Update)

In a comment to a post below, Patti Abbott says that there are some "kid's books that stay with you a lifetime." She's talking about ones she's read as an adult, but the ones you read when you're young stick with you forever, too.

A little over three years ago I did a post about the first book I remember every having checked out of the public library in Mexia, Texas. I mentioned that I'd been looking for the book ever since without success. The reason it had proved to be so elusive was that I had the name wrong. I thought the book was about a flying pig named Clementine. A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from someone who'd just read that post (God knows why) and how informed me that the pig's name wasn't Clementine. It was Clementina. So I immediately looked for the book on-line and found it. If you've clicked the link, you'll notice that I must not be the only one who liked that book. Judging from the price, it must be a highly sought-after item. But I'm glad to know that it exists. I was afraid that I'd just made up the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

Christmas is coming. A hint to little woman should work. Hehheh.


Randy Johnson said...

Alibris has it for a much more reasonable price. Used I'm sure.

Unknown said...

A hint to the little woman. Right.

The copy on Alibris is probably not in "fine" condition. Wouldn't want a shabby one, now would I?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! My own first-remembered reads have been elusive...what I take to be a pulp story in what was probably an Ultimate reprint magazine or a Popular Library/WONDER STORY ANNUAL-type likewise or possibly in an issue of Robert Lowndes's FAMOUS SF...and an sf comic issue from DC ca. 1968/69 (later on, I recognized the artists). Still haven't re-encountered either, despite idly asking around over the last decade.

Benjie said...

My early read is not nearly so rare as yours. The best price I found for your book was around $75 (again probably a beat up ex-lib copy with the pages all crimped up). Mine -- Sir Machinery about a junkyard robot (I never have found out if you were to call him "Mac Hinery" or "Machine-ery")--starts at a measly 48 bucks (for the worn-out, beat-up, page-crimped model).

I also remember one trip to the library resulting in a book about the first automobiles used in the army. I can't remember the title or author. There's one I'd like to encounter again.

Cap'n Bob said...

The earliest I recall is Doctor Dan the Bandage (Band-Aid?) Man, a Little Golden Book. Guess I don't remember it that well after all. I thought it was great because it came with some Band-Aids in front of the back cover. I bought an updated one (read: celebrates diversity) for my kids. Can't recall if it had Band-Aids.