Sunday, November 18, 2007

How Times Have Changed

I recommend the entire article.

Virginia Heffernan - The Medium - Sesame Street - Television - Internet Video - Media - YouTube - New York Times: "Sunny days! The earliest episodes of “Sesame Street” are available on digital video! Break out some Keebler products, fire up the DVD player and prepare for the exquisite pleasure-pain of top-shelf nostalgia.

According to an earnest warning on Volumes 1 and 2, “Sesame Street: Old School” is adults-only: “These early ‘Sesame Street’ episodes are intended for grown-ups, and may not suit the needs of today’s preschool child.”"

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Todd Mason said...

I remember the MAD magazine parody, REALITY STREET. And the notion of Gordon taking the child home was probably more than a little disturbing in 1969, too.