Thursday, November 22, 2007

Paris Hilton Has Seen the Future

Paris Hilton Impressed by Shanghai Style: " SHANGHAI, China (AP) - American socialite Paris Hilton checked out Shanghai fashions, cuddled stuffed pandas and sauntered along the famous Bund waterfront on Thursday while visiting China's most style-conscious city for the MTV Style awards.

'Shanghai looks like the future!' Hilton said in a news conference at the Hyatt on the waterfront, one of the newest landmarks in a city teeming with new skyscrapers."

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Gomerstotle said...

And still another great Paris Hilton entry. And still another chance for this happy, gentle being, who only wants to make purchases and delight us all with videoed moments from her hormonal imperitives, to be vituperated, damned, railed against and wished for more suffering to come upon her than anyone can muster for Osama Bin Laden and all his hordes of murderers. And still she shops and poses and deigns to show us her latest adventure in an underwear-free existence. Envy surely doth kindle more wrath than hatred.