Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Archaeological Update

Roman grotto linked to mythical founder - CNN.com: "ROME, Italy (AP) -- Archaeologists on Tuesday unveiled an underground grotto believed to have been revered by ancient Romans as the place where a wolf nursed the city's legendary founder Romulus and his twin brother Remus.

The vaulted sanctuary is buried inside Palatine hill, the palatial center of power in imperial Rome. Decorated with seashells and colored marble, the vaulted sanctuary is buried 52 feet inside the Palatine hill, the palatial center of power in imperial Rome, the archaeologists said at a news conference."


Anonymous said...

I've always wondered if that story could be based on truth. We hear now and then of a cat nursing a baby squirrel and so forth, and there was a point at which wild dogs became friends to man. I have to wonder where myth and reality converge. A child with a wolf as a friend might be considered a special enough person, in a primitive culture, to wind up as a leader --- maybe a better reason than we have for electing some of ours.

Unknown said...

It's a great story that I'd like to have some truth in it.