Friday, October 19, 2007

University of Nebraska Press SF Reissues

Thanks to Beth Foxwell for the link.

The Neglected Books Page � Blog Archive � “Bison Frontiers of Imagination” reissues from the University of Nebraska Press: "A site visitor tipped me off to a series of reissues of neglected and long out of print science fiction classics from the University of Nebraska Press, which already deserves credit for keeping many of the works of the fine American novelist Wright Morris in print.

Titled the Bison Frontiers of Imagination, the series includes over 50 titles now. Each title includes an introduction or afterword by a worthy science fiction writer or critic such as John Varley, an original cover painting, and, in some cases, original illustrations as well. In keeping with the press’ long-standing practice, the reissues are high-quality trade paperback editions."


Randy Johnson said...

I've ordered ERB from them in the past. I have a catalog somewhere, though it's probably out of date by now.

Anonymous said...

I can definitely recommend Capek's THE ABSOLUTE AT LARGE (assuming the Bison translation is at least as good as the one I read some years back--it's a companion, not quite a sequel or prequel, to WAR WITH THE NEWTS). And it seems that Dick Lupoff, having started his book career with Canaveral (and ERB), will never completely leave the small press...I suspect his and Silverberg's items are better reads than THE DISAPPEARANCE. Strongly suspect. Even if TD has a decent cover.

Anonymous said...

And a Silverberg intro.