Thursday, October 18, 2007

Deborah Kerr, R. I. P.

First, Teresa Brewer, now Deborah Kerr. My first memory of her is from King Solomon's Mines.

Deborah Kerr, star of 'From Here to Eternity' and 'The King and I,' dies -- "Deborah Kerr, the acclaimed British actress whose versatile talent and refined screen persona made her one of Hollywood's top leading ladies in the 1950s in films such as 'From Here to Eternity,' 'The King and I' and 'An Affair to Remember,' has died. She was 86.

Kerr, who in recent years suffered from Parkinson's disease, died Tuesday in Suffolk, eastern England, her agent said today.

In a screen career that was launched in the early 1940s, Kerr received six best actress Academy Award nominations for her roles in 'Edward, My Son' (1949), 'From Here to Eternity' (1953), 'The King and I' (1956), 'Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison' (1957), 'Separate Tables'(1958) and 'The Sundowners' (1960)."


Ed Gorman said...

Same memories as yours of Deborah Kerr. Thanks to King Solomons Mine I had a very long crush on her--probably about three weeks until I fell in love with same other movie beauty. But in Mines she represented upper class decorum and elegance. Tody we have Britney Spears.

Unknown said...

I'm getting a good laugh as I think of Britney playing opposite Stewart Granger. That would be something to see.

Cap'n Bob said...

I think I first saw her in The King and I. I heard about her passing on the radio this morning and the Gen-X newsreader pronounced her last name as though it rhymed with "her."

Anonymous said...

tied ta that pole in Quo Vadis; man, I thought, "God bless the Romans."