Sunday, October 14, 2007

California Drivers

They don't let a little thing like a body in the roadway slow them down. Thanks to Walter Satterthwait for the link.

San Jose Mercury News - Body found on Highway 880 identified as Berkeley man: "HAYWARD - The man whose body was found on the southbound lanes of Interstate Highway 880 in Hayward on Thursday has been identified today by the Alameda County coroner's bureau as 37-year-old David Connolly of Berkeley.

The coroner's bureau said they recovered part of one hand and most of another and were able to lift fingerprints.

Witnesses reportedly told California Highway Patrol officers that Connolly was trying to hitchhike from Berkeley to Hayward. A truck driver pulled over but refused to give the man a ride.

Witnesses said Connolly then walked to the back of the truck and, without the driver's knowledge, grabbed onto the back. Connolly held on for as long as possible but eventually lost his grip and fell into the roadway.

The coroner's bureau said he was struck about 20 times and died of multiple blunt force trauma."

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Anonymous said...

Being a Californian, I am not at all offended by the title of this posting. We are monsters from hell. So it should come as no surprise I found this story funny as hell. It was actually on the news. They could not even identify the guy as human for a while. Nobody would have ever come to look but some woman called the police or road people or something and reported a dog or other beast in the road that she hit and countless others drove over. just another road hazard here in Mexico North.