Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Space Tourism

When I saw the article linked below, I thought of this offer from the Science Fiction Book Club that appeared on the back of Astounding in May 1955. The price of a ticket has gone up since then.

With thousands signing up as early space tourists, a new race is on - International Herald Tribune: "PARIS: The week after Richard Laronde returned home from a 16-day trek to the South Pole in January, he bought a ticket to outer space.

For Laronde, who had also journeyed to the North Pole in 2006, making the decision to splurge $200,000 on one of the world's first commercial spaceflights took about as long as it takes to do a Google search for 'space tourism.' 'As soon as I got back from the South Pole, I got on the Internet,' said Laronde, 56, who owns a prospering event-planning business in Boston."

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Randy Johnson said...

I remember when Neil Armstrong first set foot on the Moon. I was the only one at work that would like to have been stepping off beside him. Everyone else was saying, "You won't get me off the planet." My how times have changed. I can see myself living in The World Is A Harsh Mistress.