Sunday, September 16, 2007

King Kung Fu

Rick Klaw has posted the one-sheet and the trailer for King Kung Fu. It must be seen to be believed.


gomer said...

the movie poster was a hundred times better than the movie. a very common occurrence. happens with books too for some reason; the cover is better than the contents. certainly true with my own book, "radish sculpture among the eskimos." since there IS no radish scupture among the eskimos it's a pretty thin book. but the cover is fantastic. i cant go into details. but i can give hints. but not here.

Todd Mason said...

At last, entertainment for the whole family. A very easily-entertained family. Larry Buchanan wishes he'd been involved.

The producer's defense of his handiwork at IMDb:

As the producer of King Kung Fu, I marvel at the comments about this being "Worst Film Ever". For the correct information, please know that KKF actually played in 11 theaters around the country. Also while standing in the lobby of two theaters the audience laughed their tails off during the film. They then commented that it was "corny". It has been sold to Japan, Taiwan, and Poland. It was shot on 43 locations and has over 40 speaking parts. It was shot in SimianScope. King Kung Fu is the unforgettable story of a Chinese gorilla who knows Karate. After beating up his master (a Kung Fu Master)he is shipped to the U.S. as a gift by the embarrassed master. On the way to New York, he is put on display in Wichita, Kansas where two out of work reporters set him free with plans to "capture" him and get jobs. Police Captain J.W. Duke,(who resembles a certain Western Movie star)and his first officer Pilgrim, get involved in the city wide chase along with Rae Fey and a host of others. The gorilla and the girl end up on top of the tallest building in Wichita, a Holiday Inn. It is full of clich├ęs, spoofs, and a cast of truly memorable characters for a lot of viewing fun. If you laugh at the opening titles when it says "Filmed in SimianScope" then you'll laugh all the way thru the movie. [I suspect he's correct. TM] We started in 1974 and released the movie in 1987. (ran out of money several times)If you can accept the fact that it is a guy in a gorilla suit (who by the way does not talk) you can enjoy the film. (a stream of consciousness voice does not mean the gorilla talks). Hey, it's a G rated movie. It was one of two released in 1987. The other one was a Benjie Movie. Take a chance. Bob Walterscheid

TM said...

(The audience wisely stayed in the lobby and laughed while the film played, apparently.)

Bill Crider said...

Great stuff, Todd. Thanks for posting it. And I'm looking forward to Rick Klaw's review, too.