Sunday, September 16, 2007

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

Now here's a headline I don't like to see.

United Press International - NewsTrack - Science - Infectious skin disease found in Texas: "DALLAS, 15 (UPI) -- Texas doctors have identified nine cases of the skin disease leishmaniasis in patients who have not traveled to endemic areas.

The infectious disease, sometimes called the Baghdad boil, is common in South America, Mexico and the Middle East, but the North Texas patients identified by doctors at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center had not traveled to any of those areas."


gomer said...

um, apparently you dont need to travel to third world hellholes where hatred of america is the national sport to get the "bhahghdhahd boil." this tells me that it is coming to us. carried by vermin. with explosives in their luggage. isnt texas where bush comes from? any skyscrapers in that state? you might wanna count 'em again, see if there's any missing. or i should say reduced in height.

Bill Crider said...

Bush lived in Texas for a while, but he's not a native. So some of us don't claim him.

krimileser said...

Oh, I like the comments on the linked post - very considerate, very knowledgeable.

To transmit Leishmania you need sandflies, there no direct human-to-human transmission.

Could be the case that sandflies invate Texas. So perhaps, these cases are indicators for a global warming - time to say Hello to Bush, isn't it.

gomer said...

dear krimileser; could be that YOU invate texas. you have papers? how saddam these days. must pray now. oops, kneel on explosively formed penetrating device. oops, flying through gates of paradise at high speed now. oops, zip right over 72 maidens, going so fast. oops, splat against back wall of heaven. oops, me puddle now. no maidens for me. as usual.