Sunday, August 19, 2007

Who's Sorry Now?

Connie Francis Sues Over Fan's Will - Tittle-Tattle™: The Post Chronicle: "American sixties singer Connie Francis is suing the family of a late fan who left $300,000 to the star shortly before killing herself.

Patricia Nilsen, 57, arranged a series of bank transfers to Francis in the days leading up to her suicide in Summerfield, Florida on 27 November (06).

Nilsen's relatives, who were originally set to be the heirs to Nilsen's estate in her original will, have accused Francis of using 'undue influence' to obtain her fan's money.

Their lawyer Richard Brown says, 'That $300,000 represents nearly the total value of Ms. Nilsen's estate. Our primary contention is that Ms. Francis enacted undue influence over Ms. Nilsen, which caused her to change the beneficiaries in her estate, or that Ms. Nilsen was insane at the time of her death.'"

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Cap'n Bob said...

Poor girl. She must have spent all the money she made from the rape lawsuit.