Wednesday, August 22, 2007

He Doesn't Care if You Walk on His Lawn . . .

. . . He has other things on his mind.

World's oldest father has 21st child at 90 | the Daily Mail: "The world's oldest father has done it again, fathering a child for at least the 21st time, at the age of 90.

Indian farmer Nanu Ram Jogi, who is married to his fourth wife, boasts he does not want to stop, and plans to continue producing children until he is 100.

Mr Jogi admits he is not certain how many children his series of four wives have borne him - but counts at least 12 sons and nine daughters and 20 grandchildren."


Writeprocrastinator said...

That man really knows his Tikka-kebob, nudge-nudge, wink-wink.

Glen said...

Easy to procreate, but I bet he's not giving them much of a life.