Saturday, August 04, 2007

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

Man says he's the sailor in famous photo - Yahoo! News: "HOUSTON - Glenn McDuffie has claimed for years that he was the sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square in Life magazine's iconic photograph of the day World War II ended.

If anyone just looked hard enough, he said, they would see that it was him in the shot.

Houston Police Department forensic artist Lois Gibson took up the challenge. And after what she called a detailed investigation, Gibson said she has concluded that McDuffie, 80, is the man in Alfred Eisenstaedt's Aug. 14, 1945 image.

The 2005 Guinness Book of World Records said Gibson has helped police identify more suspects than any other forensic artist. For this investigation, she had McDuffie pose for new photographs in his sailor uniform, recreating the famous pose with a pillow instead of a nurse. She measured his ears, facial bones, hairline, wrist, knuckles and hand and compared those to enlargements of Eisenstaedt's picture.

'I could tell just in general that yes, it's him,' said Gibson, a 25-year department veteran. 'But I wanted to be able to tell other people so I replicated the pose.'"

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