Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Emperor Dad

Henry Melton's eBook Emperor Dad is now available as a "real" book. If you prefer that format, check this out. Or this. You can still get the download version if you'd like. It's a fast-moving SF adventure that's a lot of fun. Melton's short fiction has been published in Analog, among other places, but he's had trouble placing his longer work. So he took the Lulu route. Cool cover.


Scott Cupp said...

Bill - The cover for Emperor Dad is by my nephew, Wes Hartman. Henry was looking for someone to do a cover and Wes was trying to get his art out to a wider audience. I introduced them and this was the final result. Wes is also doing comic book work for Antarctic Press. His creator owned series SKY SHARKS in due out any day. He is writing this and PIRATES VS. NINJAS for Antarctic as well as doing coloring for a variety of Antarctic and Marvel books. Talented young man and a good kid.

Bill Crider said...

Thanks for the info, Scott. Definitely a talented kid, and with a titles like SKY SHARKS and PIRATES VS. NIJAS going for him, he should do very well.

Henry Melton said...

geknkHey, thank's for the plug. I just settled in at St. Louis, raised the satellite dish and checked your blog. What a nice surprise.