Sunday, August 12, 2007

Joe Lansdale Update

Yesterday I talked to Joe Lansdale about what he was working on these days. He told me that he's about halfway through with a Hap and Leonard novel called Vanilla Ride. You might think that's good news, and it is. Especially if you read Italian. Joe's a big-time best-selling writer in Italy, and that's where Vanilla Ride will be published. For now, Joe has no plans to publish it in the U.S. I'm sure that will change, but I don't know when.


Todd Mason said...

My Italian is poor, but this might be incentive. And damned strange incentive at that.

Gerard said...

Who cares about Joe Lansdale? We just want to see his singing daughter.

Bill Crider said...

Well, you should've been at Armadillocon. Kasey did a fine one-hour performance. Great renditions of "Tracks of My Tears," "Me and Bobbie McGee," and many others.