Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bigfoot Captured in Canada!

Manitoba Mounties nab Whiteshell 'sasquatch': "Mounties in eastern Manitoba have nabbed a strange, hairy monster that has been stalking campgrounds in and around the Whiteshell Provincial Park for the past two summers.

Police received the call around midnight on July 30 from a woman who had been startled by the beastly creature while camping at Pinawa, about 90 kilometres east of Winnipeg.

'This was further to about 10 calls we had last year of the same incident in the Whiteshell Provincial Park, so the members were aware of the type of person we were looking for,' Staff Sgt. Glen Reitlo told CBC News Wednesday.

'A couple of our members attended and ended up finding the sasquatch.' The creature turned out to be an 18-year-old Winnipeg man wearing a hairy gorilla mask, which Reitlo described as 'ugly' and 'scary.'

'Something like that at midnight would scare someone,' he said. 'When he was confronted by not only the police, but the person who he scared, he admitted that he was the person who had been responsible for the last year and a half,' Reitlo said."


Randy Johnson said...

I'm not sure I believe. But being a romantic, I'd love to see them capture one(along with Nessie of course).

Kent said...

I don't remember reading about this in the Winnipeg papers. However, it's typical for CBC radio to be a few days behind with the local area news.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

How disappointing. I was sure it would be Yogi Bear stealing picnic baskets.