Thursday, August 09, 2007

Grizzly Alert -- George Kelley Take Note

700-Pound Grizzly Escapes From Zoo, Bear Is On The Loose In Ontario, Near Lake Erie - CBS News: "AP) Police were searching Wednesday morning for a 700-pound grizzly bear that escaped from a local zoo not far from a Lake Erie beach popular with Buffalo-area residents.

Residents called police about midnight to report seeing the bear from the Zooz Nature Park, about five miles from the popular Crystal Beach in Ontario.

Darlene Crosby told CHCH television she let her dogs out and saw the bear when they started barking. Police asked Crosby and her husband to leave their home as a precaution."

Follow-up: Never fear, the bear's been caught, and it wasn't a grizzly, anyway.

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Anonymous said...

The local media--as you would expect--had a field day with this story. All the "crack" reporters were sent to cover the bear hunt. Fortunately, it's over so the media can go back to reporting on how many of our local bridges are threats to collapse.
--George Kelley