Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Janes in Jail: Day 2

Psychiatrist rushes to the prisoner's side!


Jeff Meyerson said...

Favorite lines of the NY Post article ("Paris Bawls in Jail"):

"She came out of her cell to make a phone call. She's not used to making collect calls and she needed help. A sergeant had to help her.

"Apparently it's tricky ," Cohen sarcastically added. The lawyer did say Paris had been "friendly" with other inmates.

Hilton skipped a humiliating cavity search routinely done on all incoming prisoners, sources said.

"Paris didn't have to go through the cavity search. When bent over, she didn't have to cough," said Saul Reyes, who does maintenance at the women's jail as part of a work-release program.

"She didn't have to spread 'em."

Now that's hot!

Bill Crider said...

Now that's a great article. Hard news, so to speak.