Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Deep Blue Alibi -- Paul Levine

This is the second Solomon & Lord novel. (I talked about the first one here.) The two mis-matched lawyers are still law partners, but Victoria Lord wants to go out on her own, much to Steve Solomon's dismay. She's not only a great partner, but he's in love with her. A man from her past shows up and proves to be even hunkier than ever. His father is accused of murder, and Victoria wants the case for her own.

At the same time, Steve is trying to clear his father's name. (As we learned in the first book, Herbert Solomon, a judge, was removed from the bench for a crime that Steve knows he didn't commit. Herbert doesn't want Steve to open that can of worms.

While Steve has issues with his father, Victoria has them with her mother, whom she blames for her father's suicide. The man Victoria's defending was her father's business partner.

Other complications include environmentalists intent on blocking construction of a floating hotel/casino, attempts on Steve's and Victoria's lives, and a side trip to a nudist colony.

Like the first book, this one's a fast, light read with plenty of twists. Levine has a way of making you (and some of the book'c characters) look at things in a whole different light by the time things come to a conclusion. Check it out.

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