Friday, April 27, 2007

Mike Ripley's Latest Column Posted at Shots Magazine

Shots eZine, Mike Ripley's Column April 2007: "I never realised until the other day that my all-time favourite (and campest) Viking film, The Long Ships, was co-scripted by thriller-writer and former Chairman of the Crime Writers Association, Berkely Mather."

Anybody who likes The Long Ships is all right by me. Check out this post to see why. (You'll notice that I long ago discovered that Mather wrote the script and that I, too, appreciate his novels.)


Fred Blosser said...

I was about to comment that Charles B Pierce's THE NORSEMEN was my nomination for campiest Viking movie, but then I reconsidered. "Cheesiest" is probably more to the point. The new Viking movie PATHFINDER didn't get high critical marks or good box office returns. THE VIKINGS may rule forever as the champ of Viking films, but I must admit, I also enjoy THE LONG SHIPS.

Bill Crider said...

A friend of mine saw Pathfinder and wasn't much impressed, though he did think some of the action scenes were pretty good.