Sunday, April 22, 2007

Gator Update

Alligator found basking in Huntington Village - "All spring's harbingers were on display on Saturday afternoon -- gorgeous blue skies, budding flowers, birds fluttering through the trees, an alligator sunbathing by a Huntington Village pond.

Wait a minute.

'Generally speaking,' said Roy Gross, chief of the Suffolk County SPCA, 'alligators are not found in ponds in Long Island.'

Yet there it was -- 30-inches long, toothy and leathery green with yellow stripes -- sitting on the side of Pauldings Pond, a small pool of golden reeds at the intersection of Southdown Road and Tanyard Lane.

To be exact, it was an American alligator, 3 years old, gender unknown, native to the South and illegal in New York State, Gross said."

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