Monday, April 23, 2007

The Internet

Now they tell me that I can get an "Internet kit" at the front desk that will allow me to have wireless access. I have my doubts, but I'll check into that tomorro evening. Right now I'm pounding away on this keyboard that might or might not produce a letter or space. I figure it works about 75% of the time or so.

The weather looks great today, and we're meeting the Meyersons soon.


Harry Hunsicker said...

Keep us posted on that Internet Kit. I'll be checking into the Grand Hyatt tomorrow afternoon. The last time I stayed there, about two years ago, internet service came in the form of a cable that plugged directly into your laptop's network card. (For a mere $10.00 per day.)

Bill Crider said...

Apparently t-mobile didn't speak Fujitsu, but all is well now.