Friday, March 23, 2007

Robin Hood -- Episode 3

Missed the title on this one. And now the question is, has the show jumped the shark? It depends on how you take this exchange, after a man has attempted to kill the sheriff from ambush.

"I did it," he says. "I shot the sheriff."

"No," the sheriff says, stepping out from hiding. "You shot the deputy."

What I want to know is, does Clapton get a screenwriting credit?


Randy Johnson said...

I think you meant "Does Bob Marley get a screen writing credit?"

Anonymous said...

The episode is "Who SHot the Sheriff?" and it's rerun tonight at 8:00 (eastern) before the new one: "Parent Hood".

Anonymous said...

Definitely sounds like THE RICHES might be the richer US cable viewing experience. Just saw THE HOST and can recommend that.

Unknown said...

I have a couple of episodes of The Riches recorded.

Juri said...

Got wondering about Bob Marley, too. There was a situation in two or three years ago here in Finland in which a Danish criminal shot two cops in Helsinki. Just after the shooting a DJ was playing Bob Marley's song on a radio.