Sunday, March 18, 2007

Croc Update Update

Jeff "That's a Croc" Meyerson alerts us that the kidnapped croc has been found.

Shocked cops find croc in passenger seat - National - "AMBULANCE officers treating a man who turned out to have suffered a suspected epileptic fit while behind the wheel of a car early this morning were forced to call police when they spotted what turned out to be a stolen crocodile in the front seat.

It was later identified as one of several reptiles reported stolen from a children's education centre in Gippsland yesterday morning.

Several more were found in the car when ambulance officers were called to assess the man after he was seen slumped over the wheel of the car at the corner of Havana Crescent and Bowman Court on the Karingal estate, at Frankston, about 5.30am."

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