Monday, March 19, 2007

Disney's Robin Hood

In a comment below Clement of the Glen mentions his own excellent blog devoted to the 1952 Disney Robin Hood movie. Definitely worth a look. Click here.


Cap'n Bob Napier said...

I thought I saw every Disney adventure, but I have no memory of this. I'm sure I have seen it, but the brain cells that retained the information have all died. Great site, though.

Bill Crider said...

That's the one that inspired me to nag my parents into buying me a bow. Ordered it from Sears & Roebuck.

Clement of the Glen said...

Thanks for the link Bill. Is nice to know my works appreciated!

Disney's Story of Robin Hood is not even available on dvd in merry England, but I see Disney Club are now selling it in the USA.

I'll have to start a campaign to get it released!

All the best!

Bill Crider said...

If it's available here, I'll have to get a copy.

Brent McKee said...

Just as a bit of background: At the end of World War II, Disney - and a lot of Hollywood studios - had a problem. They had a lot of money from film rentals during the war but the state of the British economy was such that the government refused to allow them to repatriate the money, which they would normally do to fund pictures in North America. So like most of the studios Disney set up a production unit in Britain to make movies there which could then be shown in North America and recoup at least some of the funds that were "trapped" in Britain. They made four films under these restrictions. The first of these was Treasure Island, followed by Story of Robin Hood, The Sword and the Rose, and finally Rob Roy: The Highland Rogue. One of my favourite British character actors, James Robertson Justice, was featured in three of the four.

If IMDB is to be relied on, The Story of Robin Hood was released on VHS in Britain and was also on Laser Disk. I have a sneaking suspicion that it might have been something that Disney might have considered releasing on their "Treasures" series of DVDs ... if they hadn't suddenly cancelled the whole project.

Bill Crider said...

Thanks, Brent. The DVD's available on Amazon, but it's about 30 bucks.

Clement of the Glen said...

Thanks Brent, yes I've got the video version. I cant recall ever seeing Rob Roy available.

On my blog I have looked into the film production. If you click on Denham Studios you will see a plan and history of Korda's 'dream'. Sadly Disney's Story of Robin Hood was the last big prouction to be made there.

I will feature an article on the life of James Robertson Justice, next week on my blog. For me he made an excellent Little John and Henry VIII.