Sunday, February 11, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith -- Will the Persecution Never End?

New York Daily News - Home - 'Only her Texas twang was real': "The Anna Nicole Smith who boasted a 42-26-38 figure at her most outrageous and became an object of lust and desire to legions of American men was not born - she was made.

The real Smith started out in podunk Texas as flat-chested, dark-haired, unlovely Vickie Lynn Hogan with an abusive father, a hapless mother - and zero prospects.

How Smith managed to defy both her circumstances and Mother Nature and transform herself from Texas trailer trash into an international sex symbol is the subject of a scathing unpublished biography by writer Stacy Brown with the late sexpot's half-sister, Donna Hogan.

It's appropriately entitled 'Train Wreck.'

'This is a Horatio Alger story with a dark side,' the manuscript quotes Hogan saying. 'Anna claims she has had no plastic surgery; we have the evidence that everything about her but her trademark Texas country twang is manufactured - breasts, lips, weight loss.'"

The fans still love her, however.


Cap'n Bob said...

Sounds like a ringing endorsement for plastic surgery. BTW, Bill, I heard some radio guy this morning say she was born in Houston. Is poor little Mexia getting the short end of the stick again?

Unknown said...

She was indeed born in Houston. She lived in Mexia only a couple of years, according to my brother. She liked the Mexia association because she thought the "small-town girl makes good" idea was good p.r.

Cap'n Bob said...

Thanks, Bill. I knew you'd have the inside story. As I type this I'm watching the vultures at MSNBC beat this story into the ground.

Unknown said...

Which explains why I never turn on the cable news channels.

Anonymous said...

Well, I would suggest the C-SPANs, if they didn't worship wonks. Nonetheless, a good guest on C-SPAN, or the occasional highlight on the likes of CourTV (which shares the ACLU FREEDOM FILES with the leftist Link TV), sometimes make the tuning in worth the effort.

Unknown said...

I'm too lazy to seek out the good stuff.