Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Cap'n Bob Has Applied for his Press Pass

Kate Beckinsale Loves Getting Naked In Interviews - Entertainment News, Reviews, Competitions - Entertainmentwise

Journalists have been getting an eyeful lately when they go to interview Pearl Harbour star Kate Beckinsale.

The actress has revealed her penchant for showing off intimate parts of her body while being grilled by pressmen.

And one particular Japanese reporter seemingly couldn’t take the show recently according to Femalefirst.

Says Beckinsale: “A friend made me wear this top for an interview. I had one tit entirely hanging out in front of this Japanese man.”

“I think I really scared him. He was fumbling around and couldn't get his tape recorder to work.”

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Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

Beckinsale is pretty damn sexy, but her tits aren't really big enough to be "hanging out." Still, I wouldn't complain...

Cap'n Bob said...

I'll just grab my mike and go.