Saturday, January 06, 2007

No Comment Department Arts - 50 Cent launches line of G-Unit novellas
Rapper 50 Cent has ventured into the world of publishing with a line of books starring characters based on members of his former group, G-Unit.

50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, signed copies of the books on Thursday in a New York bookstore.

The hip-hop star said he wants to take the novellas, published in a collaboration of MTV and Pocket Books, "to the top of the literary world."

"The stories in the G-Unit [are] about our life on the streets and no one knows it better than us," he said.

"Not to mention, when it comes to delivering authentic, gritty urban stories of the high and low life, our audience expects the best."

50 Cent is credited with writing the books, along with writers Nikki Turner and K. Elliot.

Last year his memoir, From Pieces to Weight, was also published by MTV/Pocket Books.

Three books in the series, Death before Dishonor, Baby Brother and The Ski Mask Way, were launched on Thursday.

The stories cover many of the same themes as 50 Cent's music, including sex, guns, cash and the short lives of street players, the publishers said.

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