Saturday, January 06, 2007

Paging Duane Swierczynski

Duane does live in Philly, right?

Philadelphia Daily News | 01/06/2007 | Calling the play from the sidelines

IN TRUE Philly form, two local fans are taking their love for the Eagles way beyond a little green and white face paint.

According to an ad on, a "very attractive younger couple, both in grad school" are willing to let a complete stranger watch them have sex in exchange for two tickets to tomorrow's playoff showdown between the Birds and the New York Giants.

The couple, who say they couldn't afford the steep ticket prices, are even willing to let the ticket-holding voyeur call the plays for their bedroom romp.

"We've talked about it and figured we'd see if anyone had two tickets that would want to offer them up for watching us do what you choose in real life," said the ad, which was posted on the Web site Thursday.

There are some restrictions - "(no pain/potty/or anal, gf's [girlfriend's] rules)" - but for the most part, any other erotic ideas are fair game.

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TM said...

As a Philadelphia resident for ten years, and only a few months across the river in Jersey, I can safely say that I'd have to see some upfront evidence of the attractiveness of Any game-attending Eagles fans. But maybe I'm just miffed by their restrictions--if you're going to prostitute yourself, why get picky? Take a lesson from Blog Mascot Paris H. (Hmm, what can I get for Phantoms tickets?)

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Watching? If she's worth looking at she's worth doing yourself. Let the husband watch.

Dave White said...

I really hope Duane sees this blogpost... because I'm curious of his reaction... Part of it is about sports which means he'll instantly fall asleep... but the other part of it is about sex... so maybe he'll read the article and then fall asleep.

Bill Crider said...

Or maybe he'll feature the happy couple in his paper.

Duane Swierczynski said...

How do you know I didn't post that? And that I'm not a closet Eagles fan?

(I'm serious about the "no pain/potty" thing.)

Bill Crider said...

I just had a feeling that The Bride wouldn't go along with it.