Thursday, December 28, 2006

Will the Persecution Never End?

Britney is animal, says Hilton :
Once considered as the inseperable partying buddies, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, are now separating after squeezing out the last bit of publicity from their brief friendship.

The hotel heiress now refers to her former party-pal as 'The Animal', reports

According to US Weekly, things became sour after "Britney called Paris and said she had decided not to be seen in public with her 'for now'." She however added "that it's not personal".

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Anonymous said...

you cannot blame these lesser moths like spears and lohan for flying near the great halogen desk lamp that is paris hilton, for who would not want to be like her?...not having to sing or dance or act or display any human activity at all except the one reserved for reproduction which even salamanders can accomplish, and yet every day managing to increase in fame and fortune. it is but a moment after their first encounter with our own Athena that these flitting wannabe bugs dissolve into a frothy brine of chemical sloth and behaviors monopolized by regurgitations and overflows of saliva. She is the Gorgon of our time: all who gaze upon her become hissing serpents of envy and slovenly heaps of fat from frustration and puzzlement; engines of digestion run amok, gripped in her spell. She has recently aligned herself with the elephants; our wisest human now in league with the wisest in the animal kingdom. The earth trembles in hope and anticipation of greater wonders yet to come at her command.

Unknown said...

That's pure poetry, gomer.