Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The USPS Works in Mysterious Ways

Yesterday I got a Christmas card addressed to someone who lives on 1606 Smith Level Road. Since my address is 1606 South Hill Street, you might thing the mistake was a logical one, except that I'm in Texas, and the card should have gone to North Carolina.

The card, by the way, was mailed from 1607 Smith Level Road, right next door to the place it should have been delivered.


Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

About 15 years ago, my wife and I actually received a Christmas card addressed just like this:

Pat & Tonia
Madison, Maine 04950

There was no box or house number, and no road name...not even our last name. But the card was for us and we got it in time for Christmas.

You gotta love small towns.

Unknown said...

Even longer ago than that, my sister got a letter addressed to "Miss Francelle, Mexia, Texas." That was long ago and far away.

Anonymous said...

My hubby, retired from UPS had a package loaded on his truck addressed to Mamaw and Papaw (can't remember the last name but it WAS on there) and the name of the town, but NO PO box or street addy. He DID manage to find and deliver the Christmas gift, but it shows that UPS sometimes runs into delivery mysteries as well.

yoyo said...

its an optical scanner machine that is the culprit
it is also the mailman who didnt review his delivery before depositing the mail
im a mailman and it happens all the time