Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Missing Penis Update

From Jeff Meyerson:

21 p mystery penis: "JOHANNESBURG – A man’s penis is still lying in the government mortuary unidentified after it was found in a yard in Mpumalanga at the weekend.

The penis was found lying in the yard of a house at Masoyi Village by the homeowner.

“The owner saw something strange lying in his yard and on further investigation found it was a penis,” said Mpumalanga Police spokesman Superintendent Benjamin Bhembe.

Police were called to the scene and the penis was taken to the Mpumalanga Government Mortuary.
Supt Bhembhe yesterday said they had alerted the hospital in that area about the part, and asked for hospitals to be on the lookout for patients admitted with their penis missing.

“We are still puzzled on where the penis came from. Maybe someone was trying to threaten the family, or the dogs found the penis and dragged it to the house,” said Supt Bhembhe."

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