Friday, November 10, 2006

Hundred Dollar Baby -- Robert B. Parker

April Kyle, whom Spenser has rescued a couple of times before, turns up again, and she's got another problem. Only Spenser can help her because he's the last hero left, the smartest man anybody's ever met, etc.

Seems April's opened her own whorehouse, and someone's trying to shake her down. Spenser and Hawk take care of a couple of punks easily, but things get messier. Finally there's a murder. Nothing is what it seems. Everybody's lying.

So what's new?
Nothing much, actually. If you've read the last ten or twenty Spenser books, you know what to expect: Pearl the Wonder Dog, gratuitous "Arlo and Janis" references, Spenser saying, "We'd be fools not to" at least once, Spenser and Susan discussing the psychological aspects of the case, lots and lots of snappy dialog and donut eating. Etc.

And you know what? I don't care. I enjoyed every minute of it. I always do. If you're as easy as I am, check it out. Otherwise, forget it.


Glen Engel-Cox said...

I love how you slipped up and used "Parker" instead of Spenser there, as in "Parker and Susan discuss...". Assuredly, Spenser is Parker's stand-in.

Bill said...

Oops. I'll fix that.

Anonymous said...

Quick check, Bill. "Parker and Hawk take care of a couple of punks. . ." It's hard to keep all the characters straight.