Thursday, November 09, 2006

How to Make Your Parents Proud

The Sun Online - Bizarre online: Paris' parents love her sex vid: "PARIS HILTON's mum and dad are dead proud of her daughter's sex video.

That's according to a new biography by Jerry Oppenheimer.

Jerry claims that while researching his book House of Hilton he found out that Paris' parents, Rick and Kathy, were not fazed when One Night In Paris was leaked on the internet.

He said: 'I have family sources telling me that Rick and Kathy Hilton are proud of everything Paris has done, including the X-rated video that launched her to this international stardom and infamy and fame.

'It is a bizarre family. Behind the scenes her parents were not opposed to the video because that totally launched her.'"

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Todd Mason said...

Thus extending the Hilton brand. And they did pimp her, as I've mentioned on-blog before. Younger Nicky clearly isn't keeping up.