Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ed Bradley, R. I. P.

Ed Bradley of '60 Minutes' Dead at 65 - "Ed Bradley, the award-winning television journalist who broke racial barriers at CBS News and created a distinctive, powerful body of work during his 26 years on '60 Minutes,' died Thursday. He was 65."

I've been watching him on 60 Minutes for 25 years. Hard to believe he's gone.


Todd Mason said...

By 60 MINUTES standards, still in his tender years, and probably the least gimmicky of the old guard, the easiest to watch before they hired and after they axed Meredith Vieira (who had certain other advantages over Mike Wallace and Harry Reasoner, from my perspective). Liked his NPR JAZZ FROM LINCOLN CENTER anchoring, too.

Todd Mason said...

Don Hewitt, in eulogizing Bradley today on NPR, recalled asking him to interview the ailing Muhammed Ali. Paraphrase: "It's a great of the greatest athletes in the world, and one of the most glib in his prime, can't speak. Bradley asked, 'If he can't speak, how can I interview him?' 'Schmuck,' I said, 'that's what makes it a great story.' I knew he [Bradley] could get it."