Wednesday, October 25, 2006

No Comment Department

Townsville Bulletin: Man 'repeatedly headbutts road' during arrest [ 25oct06 ]: "Man 'repeatedly headbutts road' during arrest


A PERTH man who injured his face by headbutting the road after crashing his car into a fence has been charged with drink-driving and kicking police.

The 27-year-old was found asleep in his car by police investigating who had hit a fence in southern suburban Calista about 12.30am WST today.

The man became agitated and aggressive when they tried to take him back to their station for a breath test, police said.

During a struggle, an officer was kicked in the thigh, police said.

'The man was taken to Fremantle Hospital for treatment to facial injuries after he headbutted the bitumen of the road several times,' police said."


Anonymous said...

And is it fair to assume that after the officer was kicked in the thigh he "helped" the suspect headbutt the road?

Unknown said...

You're such a cynic, Jeff. I think it's very clear that the man had a strong desire to headbutt the road without any help at all.

Anonymous said...

Will we be able to enjoy a similar "investigation" in a future Dan Rhodes episode?

Unknown said...

No headbutting for Dan.